PWR Internals Aging Degradation Study [phase I]

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Wozaldo, "Irradiation Assistcd Stress Corrosion Cracking as a Factor in Nuclear Power Plmlt Aging," J. 1 *Available f(_ purchase from the National Technical Springfield, VA 22161. 2. O. K. Chopra and It. M. ong-Tcnn Aging of Cast Stainless Steel: Mechanisms and Resulting tAvaflable 27 m puhhc Icchmcal lnformalion Service, lilxmlcs. ( ;/( "R-(_)48 4 Aging-Related Degradation The development of mi aging-related degratkJtitm mechanism is a time-dependent process. The process is initiated when the neces,vu'y stressor or stressors are present in the products can be removed by the lluid.

1-. iii are )liCllls. ,_t", Aging-Related in the materi_d yield and ultinmte strengths. raiisfonn a normally ductile material to one thal is susceptible to brittle fractures. Prolonged exlu_sures to fast neulron fluxes and therm_daging can cause embrittlement in reaclor comlxments lnatlc of stainless steels. 1 tubes, and possibly the core suplx_r! plates ;tre imernal components that can experience net|Iron fluence levels close to the maximum valtle, 12 tllltl they are vulnerable radiation embrittlement effects.

The upper sectic>n _f lhc directly In lhc older rcact_rs, 'l'hc in-core inst rumenlali_m supp_rt structure ix a part ()1 the in-ochre ncutr(m flux monitoring system, lt consists ()l an instrume|ltali(>|i supl-x_rt plate that fils in the recess sectics of the l l(;S assembly asi is suppc}rted by tour bearing pins. _ exteml Ihr(mgh perlontlions in the instrumcnm_ti_m plale. _[ above the reactor vessel llangc. _ t() complete a crucif(_nn-shapcd strllcturc. The shroud e:ltls arc lltletl with support pads.

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