Questions of Perception: Phenomenology of Architecture by Steven Holl

By Steven Holl

This new version of Questions of belief brings again into print probably the most vital architectural conception treatise of contemporary years. Authored via famous architectural students Alberto P?©rez-G??mez and Juhani Pallasmaa in addition to the preeminent architect Steven Holl, the 3 separate essays are thematically associated: every one attempts to provide an explanation for the function human belief and phenomenological event play in structure. specifically, Holl -- who used to be named via Time journal because the most crucial architect of his iteration and the dressmaker of the much-lauded Chapel of St. Ignatius at Seattle college and the hugely expected Nelson-Atkins Museum of paintings addition -- lucidly explicates the significance of instinct within the building and event of outfitted area. Holl explains his look for phenomenological event hence: "To open structure to questions of conception, we needs to droop disbelief, disengage the rational half the brain, and easily play and discover. cause and skepticism needs to yield to a horizon of discovery."

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025米的大型装饰板是体现简洁独特立面造型的唯一手段,其他所有材料 也都是顶级质量,都被恰到好处地运用到需要的地方;罗昂通过LEC设计软 件达到设计效果最优化;室外的遮阳板和价格不菲的节能玻璃实际上对整个 建筑的节能效果影响很小,所以最后选择标准双层玻璃作为替代,并把省下 的资金投入到增加大楼左右两翼的隔热设备。这样一来,人们停留时间最多 的室内空间质量大大提高;连接左右两翼建筑的玻璃中庭改善了整个自然通 风状况;简单的遮阳设备安装在嵌入的窗户上;建筑师还特别注意细节使施 工过程变得简单高效;最后,在莱默建筑设计工程咨询有限公司的专业指导 下,空调和通风等设备的使用均达到最佳效果。 a c SUSTAINABILITY: CLIMATE PRINCIPLES Natural Ventilation : Use the geometry of the building to create a natural movement and exchange air. The central atrium creates a chimney effect transporting the air through the whole building and out through the atrium.

Passive solar design provides shading in summer 3. Radiant cooling 4. Photovoltaic panels placed above the south façade provide an overhanging surface which shades the glazed wall from sun radiation 5. Green spaces and a water pond reduce the heat island effect and contribute to passive cooling 10 6. Irrigation 7. Water recovery unit 8. Rainwater tank 9. Cogenerator 10. Absorption heat pump 11. A bms manages active and passive strategies to minimise energy consumption 12. 4W/m 2k 11 13. Passive solar design provides solar gains in winter 14.

Cogenerator 10. Absorption heat pump 11. A bms manages active and passive strategies to minimise energy consumption 12. 4W/m 2k 11 13. Passive solar design provides solar gains in winter 14. 4W/m 2k FS=43% 15. Planting protects the building from cold winter winds 16. Deciduous planting allows solar gains and day lighting in winter 17. Power electricity 18. Radiant heating 细节图(上方两图): 1. 雨水收集 2. 被动式太阳能设计 为夏天提供阴凉 3. 辐射制冷 4. 南立面的光电伏板形成 悬臂表面,为玻璃幕墙 遮挡太阳辐射 5. 绿色空间和水塘 减少了热岛效应, 促进了被动制冷 6. 灌溉 7. 水回收单元 8.

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