Refuting Evolution: A Handbook for Students, Parents, and by Jonathan Sarfati

By Jonathan Sarfati

A creationist reaction to the nationwide Academy of Science’s educating approximately Evolution and the character of technological know-how. The latter, dispensed national to millions of public university academics, is an attempt to saturate scholars with evolutionary techniques. Refuting Evolution is a cogent rebuttal, rigorously reading the issues raised within the NAS book: technological know-how and faith; average choice; chook evolution; astronomy; the age of the earth, and so forth.

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Our digestive systems can break down food into its building blocks, which are then used either as fuel or for our own building blocks. Since DNA contains the coding for structures and biochemical molecules, we should expect the most similar creatures to have the most similar DNA. Apes and humans are both mammals, with similar shapes, so have similar DNA. We should expect humans to have more DNA similarities with another mammal like a pig than with a reptile like a rattlesnake. And this is so. Humans are very different from yeast but they have some biochemistry in common, so we should expect human and yeast DNA to be only slightly similar.

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