Residential cellular concrete buildings by O.Brooker, R.Hennessy

By O.Brooker, R.Hennessy

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The erection of the wall panels and floor units will be rapid. As an indication, six to eight rooms can be erected in a day and the lead time will be 12 weeks 19. 1 Production tolerances It is essential to fully consider tolerances at the design stage to improve buildability and quality of the finished building. This section introduces the tolerances that should be considered. In the Eurocode system, recommended production tolerances are provided in the product standards for precast concrete. The production tolerances can be varied in the execution specification and the values here are for guidance only, but note stricter tolerances may incur a cost premium.

Off-site construction has benefits for construction adjacent to existing prisons. It enables the on-site workforce to be reduced, which in turn minimises the number of security clearances required for personnel. Off-site construction also reduces the on-site construction period, which again improves security. 1). 2). 1 Mould for volumetric prison cells. indd 61 09/09/2008 11:56:53 Appendix A. 2 Window grills are cast in for increased security. Photo: Precast Cellular Structures Limited The complete 40-tonne module can then be transported to site, where it is placed on a pre-prepared ground-floor slab.

A screed is used over the shallow floor units, which support the bathroom pods, to bring the general floor level up to the level of the bathroom floor. This has the advantage of being able to take up any tolerances in the screed which can be tied into the level of the bathroom pod and the adjacent solid precast concrete units. 5 Plan showing use of screed in crosswall construction. 7 Design details The precast concrete panels should be designed to make the casting, striking and erection as simple as possible.

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