Runes and Runic Inscriptions: Collected Essays on by R.I.

By R.I.

How, the place and why runes have been used continues to be frequently mysterious; they proceed to set puzzles should you learn them, between whom few are greater recognized than the writer of this e-book. the following he investigates facts from Anglo-Saxon runic cash to Manx inscribed stones, together with the various identified Anglo-Saxon runic inscriptions (notably the Ruthwell go and the Franks casket) and manuscripts, and appears in passing at a few Scandinavian fabric, either in nice Britain and in different places. as well as those distinct descriptions of inscriptions, and of the runic futhorc, or alphabet, on which they're dependent, web page additionally considers wider concerns on which runes throw mild: magic, paganism and literacy. Archaeologists, historians and others will locate this a uniquely helpful and authoritative quantity on Anglo-Saxon runes.

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15, 23. werc Mt. 16, 27; 23, 3. costunge Mt. 24, 29. mægn Mt. 25, 15. erest Mt. 27, 53. gesetnisse Mk. 7, 5. lytle huile Mk. 14, 70. gewuna L. 1, 9; 2, 27; 2, 42; 22, 39 ge-una L. 4, 16. ae L. 2, 22; 2, 39. J. 19, 7 æ J. þteL. 2, 24; 22, 22. worðin L. 2, 29. willa L. 12, 47. bebod L. 23, 56. clæsunge J. 2, 6. ðis J. 2, 12; 11, 11. styrenise J. 5, 4. onsione J. 7, 24. lichomaJ. 8, 15. Because of the accusative-dative syncretism found in this text many accusative singular forms have had to be put in the third section.

Rycnissum Mt. 24, 29. his mægene Mt. 25, 15. micclum fæce Mt. 25, 19. twæm dagum Mt. 26,2. ðrim dagum Mt. 26, 61 þrim dagum Mt. 27, 63. his æristæ Mt. 27, 53. þæm gearwunga dæge Mt. 27, 62. dagum Mk. 2, 1. Ambiguous: me Mt. 3, 11; 4, 19; 16, 23; 16, 24; Mk. us Mt. 15, 23. reste-dæg Mt. 28, 1. 8 48 cases: 2 accusative, 30 dative and 16 ambiguous forms. Accusative: rehtwisnisse mine 17, 21. synne ure (peccata nostra, though formally dative singular is also possible) 102, 10. Dative: rehtwisnisse minre 7, 9; 17, 25.

Above I give examples of problems of setting close dates to English runic monuments. 650 seems to work as a dividing line, but that is all that can be said for it. (ii) the maps remain tentative. For instance, I attribute three inscriptions to Brandon in my later map but only two, I think, can be put clearly post-650. The third, on a bone handle, is included by association. Again, I have not added the Worcester find to the later map though I suspect it properly belongs there. That might be established in a formal excavation report.

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