Ruthenium and Other Non-Platinum Metal Complexes in Cancer by Neil P. Johnson, Jean-Luc Butour (auth.), Prof. Dr. Etienne

By Neil P. Johnson, Jean-Luc Butour (auth.), Prof. Dr. Etienne Baulieu, Prof. Dr. Donald T. Forman, Prof. Dr. Magnus Ingelman-Sundberg, Prof. Dr. Lothar Jaenicke, Prof. Dr. John A. Kellen, Prof. Dr. Yoshitaka Nagai, Prof. Dr. Georg F. Springer, Prof. Dr. Lot

Contents/Information: N.P. Johnson, J.-L. Butour, G. Villani, F.L. Wimmer, M. Defais, V. Pierson, Toulouse, France; V. Brabec, Kralovopolska, CSSR: Metal Antitumor Compounds: The Mechanism of motion of Platinum Complexes Pertaining to the layout of Anticancer AgentsB.K. Keppler, M. Henn, U.M. Juhl, M.R. Berger, R. Niebl, Heidelberg; F.E. Wagner, Garching, FRG: New Ruthenium Complexes for the Treatment of CancerG. Mestroni, E. Alessio, Trieste, M. Calligaris, Pavia, Italy; W.M. Attia, Ismailia, Egypt; F. Quadrifoglio, S. Cauci, Udine, Italy; G. Sava, S. Zorzet, S. Pacor, C. Monti-Bragadin, M. Tamaro, L. Dolzani, Trieste, Italy: Chemical, organic and Antitumor houses of Ruthenium (II) Complexes with DimethylsulfoxideN. Farrell, Burlington/VT, united states: Metal Complexes as RadiosensitizersS.C. Srivastava, L.F. Mausner, M.J. Clarke, Upton/NY, and Chestnut Hill/MA, united states: Radioruthenium-Labeled Compounds for Diagnostic Tumor ImagingP. Kopf-Maier, Berlin, FRG: The Antitumor task of Transition and Main-Group steel Cyclopentadienyl ComplexesE.V. Scott, G. Zon, L.G. Marzilli, Atlanta/GA and Foster City/CA, united states: NMR rest Footprinting: The ACr(NH3)6U3+ Cation as a explore for Drug Binding websites on OligonucleotidesJ.E. Schurig, H.A. Meinema, ok. Timmer, Wallingford/CT, united states; B.H. lengthy, A.M. Casazza, Zeist, NL: Antitumor task of BisABis(Diphenylphosphino)Alkane and AlkeneU workforce VIII Metal ComplexesM.E. Heim, H. Flechtner, Mannheim; B.K. Keppler, Heidelberg, FRG: Clinical reports with Budotitane -A New Non-Platinum steel advanced for melanoma Therapy

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K. Keppler et al. 1 Introduction Malignant neoplasms are responsible for about 25 % of total mortality in the western world today. Numerous efforts are being made to improve the efficacy ofslirgery, radiation, and chemotherapy - the three "weapons" against cancer. The development of new tumor-inhibiting ruthenium complexes is a field of major interest in recent cancer research. 2,3). In 1969, Rosenberg discovered the pharmacological activity of cis-diamminedichloroplatinum(II), INN: cisplatin. With the help of this drug, testicular carcinomas, a disease which until the late 1970s had almost always been incurable, can be cured in the majority of cases today.

The clinical phase I studies with budotitane are almost completed by now, and subsequent phase II studies will prove the clinical value of this new drug, which has exhibited promising activity against adenotumors in preclinical studies 11). Unfortunately, ruthenium complexes have so far remained in the field of preclinical investigation, despite the fact that very interesting research into this metal has already been done. The reason why this is so may be that, in biological experiments, ruthenium complexes were hardly ever investigated in realistic and sophisticated tumor models.

6 are by-products, which we obtained during our efforts to synthesize other ruthenium complexes (see Fig. 12). These by-products - ruthenium hexachlorides in the oxidation stages III and IV and oxygen-bridged ruthenium chlorides with different protonized heterocycles as cation - turned out to be inactive (TIC <: 125 %). The synthesis of derivatives of Ru(DMSO)4C~ (Fig. 3), aimed at obtaining compounds of the type Ru(DMSO)4_nBnC12' B = heterocycle, was successful only in the case of some pyridine and pyrazine derivatives.

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