Seeds of Concern : The Genetic Manipulation of Plants (CABI by David R. Murray

By David R. Murray

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34 Bennett, MD & Leitch, Ilia (2000) Variation in nuclear DNA amount (C-value) in monocots and its significance. In KL Wilson and DA Morrison (eds) Monocots: Systematics and Evolution. CSIRO Publishing, Melbourne, pp. 137–46. 35 Bennett, MD (2000) Genomic organisation and systematics in the 21st century. In KL Wilson and DA Morrison (eds) Monocots: Systematics and Evolution. CSIRO Publishing, Melbourne, pp. 147–56. 36 Walbot, V (1991) Maize mutants for the 21st century. The Plant Cell 3: 851–56.

1 Wheat florets from a male-fertile control plant and from a transgenic male sterile plant expressing the gene for barnase:A male fertile plant; B male sterile plant; C dismembered male fertile floret just before anther maturity; and D dismembered male sterile floret, showing degeneration of the anthers and swelling of the ovary (ovarium). Pictures courtesy of Dr Marc De Block. 1 Influence of a pre-treatment with nicotinamide on transformation frequency and integration of the delivered DNA construct in wheat embryogenic callus tissuea Pretreatment Total calli Total bombarded number transformed None 1556 4 4 days, 2 mM nicotinamide 1653 15 Number of transformants with each copy number for barnase and barb 1 0 0 1 2 2 0 0 4 4 3 0 0 7 4 4 0 0 3 2 5 4 4 0 3 a Data of M.

Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture 2: 111–21. 36 Murray, DR (1988) Embryogenesis and prospects for plant improvement. In DR Murray Nutrition of the Angiosperm Embryo. Research Studies Press, Taunton, UK, pp. 195–204. 37 Sorenson, JC, Provvidenti, R & Munger, HM (1993) Conclusions: Future prospects, strategies and problems. ) Resistance to Viral Diseases of Vegetables: Genetics and Breeding. Timber Press, Portland, Oregon, pp. 255–64. 38 Williams, EG, Verry, IM & Williams, WM (1982) Use of embryo culture in interspecific hybridisation.

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