Settler Colonialism: A Theoretical Overview by L. Veracini

By L. Veracini

A brilliant exploration of the historical past of the most important and durable proposal: development eu worlds open air of Europe. Veracini outlines how the founding of recent societies was once envisaged and practiced and explores the explicit ways that settler colonial tasks attempted to set up perfect and regenerated political bodies.

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76 This two pronged characterisation of assimilation epitomises the contradictions of a settler population economy: on the one hand, indigenous people are “native born” by definition, and this fact should not need administrative sanction; on the other hand, not having been born anywhere else, they cannot logically be the subject of any naturalisation process (only the settler collective, at once exogenous and indigenising, can be “native born” and “naturalised” at the same time). 77 The term “assimilation”, however, also means “absorption” (in some contexts “absorption” is indeed interchangeable with “assimilation”): it is the settler body politic that needs to be able to absorb the indigenous people that have been transformed by assimilation (in some contexts, assimilation is referred to as “incorporation”, which confirms a bodily metaphor).

Attempts to establish the “New Zealanders” as an ethnic category, instances of Afrikaner groups collectively seeking indigenous minority status in post-Apartheid South Africa, and Asian immigrants demanding recognition of their “native” status in Hawaii are examples of this type of transfer. 104 Opposition against native title, for example, is recurrently based on a powerful mobilising set of images including “traditional” (settler) lifestyles, and deep and long-standing, “ancestral” (settler) connection to place.

5). A settler world The original displacement of the settler collective also institutes an inside/outside dialectic. 5 Abject Others Population 29 opposition becomes meaningless, the representational regimes of settler colonialism see either “improvable” or “non-improvable” people. , “England”, “Britain”, “Europe” – but there can be diasporic “homes”, in the case of French Algeria, the north-western Mediterranean shore, in the case of Zionism as a settler colonial project, the “world Jewry”), settler migration flows directly into the settler segment of the population system, or, alternatively, migrants enter the improvable segment of the exogenous Others section.

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