SolidWorks 2006 Tutorial. A Step-by-Step Project Based by David C. Planchard & Marie P. Planchard

By David C. Planchard & Marie P. Planchard

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Copyrighted Material Copyrighted Material ROCKER Assembly Physical Simulation PAGE 1 - 62 SolidWorks Tutorial 2006 Linkage Assembly Copyrighted Material In mechanical design, the ROCKER assembly is classified as a mechanism. A Four-Bar Linkage is a common mechanism comprised of four links. Link1 is called the Frame. Link2 The AXLE part is Link1. Link3 Link2 and Link4 are called the Cranks. The FLATBAR-3HOLE parts are Link2 and Link4. Link3 is called the Coupler. The FLATBAR-5HOLE part is Link3.

Insert a Concentric Mate. PAGE 1 - 59 Linkage Assembly SolidWorks Tutorial 2006 Copyrighted Material • Insert a Coincident Mate. • Perform the same tasks to insert the other three required SHAFT-COLLAR parts. 3b: LINKAGE-2 Assembly Simulation. Use the LINKAGE-2 assembly created in the previous exercise for the simulation • Apply a Rotary Motor to the front FLATBAR3HOLE. • Record the Simulation. • Play the Simulation. 4a: ROCKER Assembly. Create a ROCKER assembly. The ROCKER assembly consists of 2 AXLE parts, 2 FLATBAR5HOLE parts, and 2 FLATBAR-3HOLE parts.

330) Click Isometric view . Fit the model to the Graphics window. 331) Press the f key. Save the LINKAGE assembly. 332) Click Save . The LINKAGE assembly is complete. Copyrighted Material Review the LINKAGE Assembly. An assembly is a document that contains two or more parts. A part or sub-assembly inserted into an assembly is called a component. You created the LINKAGE assembly. The AIRCYLINDER sub-assembly was the first component inserted into the LINKAGE assembly. The AIRCYLINDER assembly was obtained from the CD in the book and copied to the SW-TUTORIAL-2006 folder.

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