Teachings at Sinabelkirchen by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

By Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

Once we communicate of the Dzogchen instructing, firstly we have to comprehend what Dzogchen is: we needs to needless to say Dzogchen isn't really a instructing yet is our genuine . Dzogchen capacity the definitely perfected country, which means now we have 3 primordial wisdoms and 3 primordial prospects. given that we have already got those, every thing is perfected. If we're quite in that , then we're no assorted to the Buddha or a Bodhisattva and realised beings. it's not sufficient purely to have an idea of this, even to have only a small event. after all it truly is invaluable to have this small event of the Dzogchen country yet then there are methods to extend this information, this means that there's the potential for integrating all our adventure of physique, speech and brain into that nation. We follow this custom each day, changing into an increasing number of conversant in it, and in spite of everything now we have the entire realisation.

Scanned via Yuchen Namkhai utilizing Dalai Lama's own scanner.

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THE GYALWA KARMAPA When I was a small boy, the Gyalwa Kannapa, the sixteenth Karmapa, recognised tne as a reincarnation. From the time he recognised 1ne, the Karmapa felt as though he owned me. Then I grew up and went to India. I was now twenty years old. Ac­ cording to Hinayana, this is the 1noment to receive the vows of a full monk. I was then living in Sikkim and when I first arrived there, I was like all the other Tibetans Lamas. At that tilne I \Vas also a Tibetan doctor and had a lot of medicine with tne.

You 1nust discover the difference between the function of glasses and a 1nirror. Observing yourself 1neans you are j ust looking in a 1ninor. In the 1ninor your face appears and if you liave sotne defect, you'll see it. Even if you have very good glasses which allow you to see objects in 1nore detail, they never really help you to discover your real nature ! " This was the first teaching which I received fro1n my teacher. Then I observed tnyself and noticed that it was really true, I was always looking outside.

So, you can see that this principle is very different. " For exa1nple, if you see so1neone who is very miserable and hungry and you have a good 1neal prepared, instead of eating it yourself, you give it to this poor hungry 1nan. This is char­ acteristic of Mahayana, thinking 1nore of others than oneself. Even if you suffer and have proble1ns, it is n1ore i1nportant to consider others first. This is why Mahayana is considered to be a wonderful and very i1npo11ant teaching. REFllGE AND BODHICHITTA In any case, whether we are doing practice in the D zogchen Sutric or Tantric style, we always start with Refuge and Bod­ hichitta.

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