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The whole Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Poetry is a tremendous choice of poetry, provided because it used to be first written.

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Him æfter heold, þa he of worulde gewat, Enos yrfe, sian eore swealh 1145 sædberendes Sethes lice. He wæs leof gode and lifde her wintra hundnigontig ær he be wife her þurh gebedscipe bearn astrynde; him þa cenned wear Cainan ærest 1150 eafora on ele. Sian eahtahund and fiftyno on frio drihtnes gleawferh hæle geogoe strynde, suna and dohtra; swealt, þa he hæfde, frod fyrnwita, V and nigonhund. 1155 þære cneorisse wæs Cainan sian æfter Enose aldordema, weard and wisa. Wintra hæfde efne hundseofontig ær him sunu woce.

Nu slit me hunger and þurst bitre on breostum, þæs wit begra ær wæron orsorge on ealle tid. 805 Hu sculon wit nu libban oe on þys lande wesan, gif her wind cym, westan oe eastan, suan oe noran? Gesweorc up fære, cyme hægles scur hefone getenge, fære forst on gemang, se by fyrnum ceald. 810 Hwilum of heofnum hate scine, blic þeos beorhte sunne, and wit her baru standa, unwered wædo. Nys unc wuht beforan to scursceade, ne sceattes wiht to mete gemearcod, ac unc is mihtig god, 815 waldend wramod. To hwon sculon wit weoran nu?

Gesæton þa æfter synne sorgfulre land, eard and eyl unspedigran fremena gehwilcre þonne se frumstol wæs þe hie æfter dæde of adrifen wurdon. 965 Ongunnon hie þa be godes hæse bearn astrienan, swa him metod bebead. Adames and Euan aforan wæron Genesis A, B 30 The Complete Corpus of Anglo−Saxon Poetry freolicu twa frumbearn cenned, Cain and Abel. Us cya bec, 970 hu þa dædfruman dugeþa stryndon, welan and wiste, willgebroor. Oer his to eoran elnes tilode, se wæs ærboren; oer æhte heold fæder on fultum, oþæt for gewat 975 dægrimes worn.

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