The Curse of King Tut by William Lace

By William Lace

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Upon entering, he looked almost instinctively at the cage and saw coiled within it a cobra holding in its mouth the dead canary. ”13 The curse of King Tut’s tomb had claimed its first victim. 32 The Curse of King Tut The Outer Door On November 24, with Carnarvon and Evelyn watching, workmen finished clearing the stairway, fully exposing the brick door for the first time. Carter was delighted to see several seals bearing Tutankhamen’s name—a certain indication that this was his tomb. Almost immediately, however, came a disappointment.

In this book archaeologists ignore a curse carved on a tomb’s door and steal a fabulous jewel from a mummy’s hand. Later, all who are associated with the jewel begin to die. Despite all the warnings, Carnarvon returned to Egypt in January 1923 to prepare for the following month’s formal opening of the burial chamber. February 17 was selected as the date, The Legend Begins 43 The Rosetta Stone, seen here in the British Museum in London, is a granite slab bearing an inscription that was the key to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Work to Be Done Indeed, many preparations had to be made before work in the tomb could even begin. First, Carter could not hope to deal with the discovery alone and set out to build a team of archaeologists and other experts. Members included archaeologist Arthur C. Mace of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, photographer Harry Burton, Egyptologists Alan Gardiner and James Breasted, and chemist Alfred Lucas. Some of these men would play important roles in the story of King Tut’s curse. The team needed delicate instruments for cleaning and repairing all the various artifacts, along with preservatives and packing materials.

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