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This name offers an exceptionally worthy research of genes that could be linked to autoimmunity, and solutions questions resembling how those genes could be pointed out, and the way the services of the gene items might be elucidated.Incorporating facts on disease-associated chromosomal loci that has been collected from inbred mice, the title:* descibes how a few susceptibility loci should be universal to many ailments, while others are really ailment particular* discusses the significance of constructing standards for developing the importance of those assorted different types of disease-associated loci.

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Goldstein: It doesn’t hurt you to do so, it just doesn’t help you. Abbas: If it is a collection of common variants that di¡er from one person to another, then looking at these homogeneous populations is not going to be informative. Daly: The advantages they might have are factors such as common environment and diet, not of common genetic history. Kere: But you are not worse o¡. 44 DISCUSSION Abbas: If you have to choose a patient population, you have to start with the assumption that it is a collection of common variants, but would you choose a more heterogeneous population?

In cases where sperm typing has been done, for example, these methods appear to be quite accurate. Vyse: I wanted to follow up on the question about susceptibility to infection. The genetics of susceptibility to infection and the genetics of the susceptibility to autoimmune disease are strongly related. These are common issues. We have some data that re£ects this. The in£uence of Fcg receptor polymorphism is related, for example, to lupus. There is evidence to suggest that this may in£uence the resistance or otherwise of mice within wild-type populations to infection.

But what is the cause of common autoimmune diseases? We need to get to this question: are there collections of common variants? Rioux: It is biology. It is a spectrum; it is not one extreme or the other. Goodnow: Is the common variant hypothesis an unfalsi¢able hypothesis in a Popperian sense? Wakeland: Many autoimmune disease alleles are very common. The best example at the moment would be disease-associated HLA alleles. All these alleles are relatively common, globally distributed and are very powerful as disease predisposing elements.

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