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Seventeen philosophers, scientists and artists ponder questions about the interesting concept of creativity: Is creativity primarily mysterious? Is creativity primarily inspirational or rationalistic? What function does ability play in creativity? What are the standards of creativity? may still we assign logical precedence to artistic folks, artistic techniques, or inventive items? How do kinds of creativity relate to varied domain names of human task? How does creativity relate to self-transformation? How does our wisdom of the situations of creativity impression our appreciation of its items? Can a recipient of an inventive paintings even be a author of it? members contain: Margaret Boden, Larry Briskman, John M. Carvalho, David Davies, Berys Gaut, Rom Harre, Carl R. Hausman, Albert Hofstadter, Arthur Koestler, Michael Krausz, Peter Lamarque, Thomas Leddy, Paisley Livingston, Michael Polany, Dean Keith Simonton, and Francis Sparshott. This ebook is additionally to be had in hardcover.

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The child’s experience can be said to be unprecedented only in the sense of universal all-pervasive novelty according to which each experience can be construed in terms of its uniqueness. But this is not the radical newness or the mark of radical creativity which is at issue. 14 carl r. hausman A third troublesome case for which the criteria are appropriate already has been mentioned. It concerns eccentricities or mere deviations, and acts which are undertaken with the aim of being different for the sake of different.

P. Sartre, Existentialism, trans. Bernard Frechtman (New York: The Philosophical Library, 1947). 13 A propos of this, Popper writes, “At any moment we are prisoners caught in the framework of our theories; our expectations; our past experiences; our language. But we are prisoners in a Pickwickian sense: if we try, we can break out of our framework at any time” (“Normal Science and its Dangers,” in Criticism and the Growth of Knowledge, eds. I. Lakatos and A. Musgrave (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1970), 56.

National Science Foundation. S. support for the study of creativity and the extent to which American psychologists encouraged the belief in the great practical potentialities of their research. 16 T. A. Razik, “Psychometric Measurement of Creativity,” reprinted in Creativity, ed. 155–166. The quote, with italics in the original, is from 156. 17 What, one wonders, is the reasoning behind such optimism? An instructive analogy can be drawn between many twentieth century students of creativity and seventeenth century students of methodology.

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