The Implications of Literacy: Written Language and Models of by Brian Stock

By Brian Stock

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Until the pontificate of Innocent III (r r98-r2 r6), "there appears nOt to have ~n a consistent archival policy. "I, The lack of original registers makes the early history of the chancery difficult to reconstruct. " In an incre;uingly litigiOU$ age , Ullmann notes, "the unparallded advanrage which the papacy had over any O£her institution wu its own storehouse of ideological memory, the papal archives. nd Innocent Ill, four particularly important changes ronk place in the manner in which the chancery handled the written word.

I< So::w:t«o of ru. ~," S,... j8 O<>d "n.. ,. VI! , J" ' 4<1:' ZRG KA " (''11 }l. nd t. H4I. ot>d. fot • Lt' ... jof Ii_ of in .. ;on. O. eop;, ..... " EoiII< un' .... 1< .. "Je".. ",,~ .. &o medi .. ,ia," RWiM Ji I ..... 1 "'if.... , (,,6,). 4'4·81. - G . J dM'. ft, ... ",... of GtqoJy vIr. ,;ni , 'Jf>-4', Fo< Oil:tn:li. A. 1>0, 6 7. H. "' . Klntit:l. "'Cot:

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