The Jehol Fossils: The Emergence of Feathered Dinosaurs,

No different unmarried quantity connection with the Jehol web site and its fossils exists and nowhere is there the sort of selection of high-quality images of the fossils involved. This booklet has pieced jointly the main up to date info at the Jehol Biota, a spot that has proven the area probably the most unbelievable fossil reveals together with the 1st entire skeleton of Archaeopteryx in 1861, four-winged dinosaurs- many feathered ones, the 1st beaked chicken, the 1st vegetation with vegetation and end result, and millions of species of invertebrates. Authors shed new gentle on a couple of attention-grabbing theoretical matters in evolutionary biology at the present time, reminiscent of the foundation and early evolution of a few significant taxonomic teams.

The first chapters supply an inviting advent to the Jehol Biota when it comes to its historical past of analysis, its major parts, its clinical significance, its geographical, geological and biostratigraphic framework, and its popular fossil discoveries. all the closing chapters bargains with a specific organismal crew of the Biota written via best specialists. The ebook is lavishly illustrated with approximately 280 illustrations, which come with 2 hundred images that express the range of the taxa and wonder in their upkeep. the coloured lifestyles restorations, elegantly performed by way of a few of China's such a lot celebrated clinical illustrators, provide a kiss of existence to the lifeless bones. even though exact basically at an informed public, the publication can be a useful resource of knowledge for college students and pros in paleontology, geology, evolutionary biology and technological know-how schooling in general.

* Authoritative advent to an exhilarating, vintage Mesozoic web site domestic to a number of the world's most vital and top preserved fossils
* Clear informative textual content available to the pro and lay reader alike
* Over two hundred prime quality pictures of a variety of notable fossils
* Beautiful color work depicting reconstructed animals and crops in reasonable landscapes
* Lavish, huge layout, top of the range creation

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