The Jewel Treasury of Advice: A Hundred Teachings From the by Drikung Bhande Dharmaradza, Khenpo Konchong Gyaltshen

By Drikung Bhande Dharmaradza, Khenpo Konchong Gyaltshen Rinpoche

"In this booklet Dharmaradza maps out, in verse, the total constitution of the Buddhist path."

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41 THE )EWEL TREASURY OF ADVICE The two kinds of form body are like the mandala of the sun and moon. Even though they are without conceptual thought, they appear according to the needs of beings. They are the manifestation of compassion. This is my heart's advice. Uninterrupted compassion is like a river. It doesn't tire or become discouraged. It is equal to the limits of samsara. This is my heart's advice. This advice is like a treasury of jewels. It lacks nothing for those who take the holy Dharma to their heart.

Therefore, make effort in purifying meditation and recitation. This is my heart's advice. Heartfelt recollection of the Dharma is like one's hair caught on fire. Nothing is as important as that. Therefore, don't be lazy or attached to pleasure. This is my heart's advice. Renunciation and the mind that abandons negativity are like a captain piloting a ship. Freedom from samsara depends upon them. Therefore, always think on this without distraction. This is my heart's advice. 24 THE jEWEL TREASURY OF ADVICE Obtaining a life of leisure and endowments is like arriving at a continent of jewels.

T rinley Dondrub Chogyal (Dharmaradza), the reincarnation of the great Drikung Dharmakirti, was born on the morning of the twenty-fifth day of the Moon Month of the Wood Monkey Year (1704) in Jang. His father's name was Dresay Ngodrup Tashi, and his mother's name was Namjom. Many auspicious signs accompanied his birth and, on that same day, rainbows appeared and flowers fell from the sky in the area ofDrikung. 51 THE )EWEL TREASURY OF ADVICE The omniscient Konchok Trinley Sangpo, the second Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang, whose fame pervades the three worlds, had meanwhile received a dear and unobstructed vision of this event and had written down its details.

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