The Key to the True Quabbalah: The Quabbalist as a Sovereign by Franz Bardon

By Franz Bardon

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Graphically speaking, number one is symbolized by a dot which represents, in the different systems, the symbol of divine unification, of becoming one with God. Someone who starts his spiritual development, from ignorance, at once with number one will sooner or later end with number ten, for "one" represents the omnipotence and "ten" the deepest humility. The systems of initiation which begin with number one are indiscriminately called monistic systems in hermetic science. The quabbalist should always be aware of the fact that number one means highest cognition, highest unity, highest wisdom.

Using the lilac colored light oscillation of the "W", the student has to enliven the whole gut, starting from the duodenum and including the great gut up until the rectum. Letter "Y" or umlaut "Ue" is to be practiced in pink colored light oscillation in the heart. Finally, the last letter of the alphabet, letter "Z", with its light yellow color oscillation, is also practiced in the heart. In this way, the student of quabbalah has gone through the whole alphabet and its analogies to the body and has learned, in practice, to transfer his consciousness into any organ of his body, and to be active in it in a magic quabbalistic manner.

Next is "P" with the earth principle, which is connected with the feeling of weight. [The letter "R" is missing in the original German edition. The original manuscript is no longer available. ] Letters "S" and "Sh" are controlled by the fire element and, consequently, they have to be practiced with sensations of warmth, one after the other. According to the Sefer Jezirah (Book of Creation), the active principle of the fire element was originally created by means of letter "Sh", or Schim. Letter "T", appertaining to the fire principle, too, is connected with a feeling of warmth.

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