The Long Arm of Papal Authority: Late Medieval Christian by Edited by Torsten Jorgensen, Edited by Kirsi Salonen Edited

By Edited by Torsten Jorgensen, Edited by Kirsi Salonen Edited by Gerhard Jaritz

Includes selcected papers from meetings in 2003 on the college of Bergen (Norway) and on the primary eu college (Hungary). They care for the communique of the Holy See with Northern Europe and East relevant Europe within the overdue heart a while, either on the margins of Western Christendom.

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Vol. 34, fol. 18r; Jørgensen and Saletnich, Synder og Pavemakt, 80, 148. AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD 31 long, up to three folios, with a longer narrative section as their most substantial part. Here, the Norwegian material seems, not surprisingly, to be fully in line with that from other countries, as the standards for these texts were set in Rome and not in the local communities. Even with the low number of such Norwegian texts it is quite easy to make overviews and to harvest from the different points of their contents.

22 34 23 21 06 25 31 32 24 33 13 03 38 23 decl. 01 12 01 02 00 04 02 03 01 05 05 00 03 02 Def. n. 34 08 10 28 33 26 08 06 07 23 49 29 09 17 uber. 1 0 3 6 1 4 1 0 1 4 1 2 2 3 prom. 10 09 04 05 00 04 11 10 16 07 01 02 11 06 conf. 16 21 37 16 02 04 02 02 04 09 19 27 11 17 cup. 2 1 2 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 sent. , Reg. Matrim. , vol. 7–11, 13. Eastern Europeans turned to the Penitentiary for different reasons. They had various problems with canon law (that is, the categories of de diversis formis and de declaratoriis, together 46%).

11 Because these taxes are probably from a period too early for the years concerned here,12 I have also used another tax list from the sixteenth century for comparison, namely, what the dioceses had to pay to the Swedish Crown during the reign of King Gustav Vasa in the 1530s. If one compares these two lists, one notes that in both of them the dioceses appear in more or less the same order. Consequently, the situation had probably not changed very much in the course of the fifteenth century. Only the diocese of Turku seems to have been a bit richer according to the sixteenth-century taxes than according to the papal tax lists.

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