The Lord's healing touch by Kathryn Kuhlman

By Kathryn Kuhlman

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One day Lydia saw a multitude moving slowly past her home. Perhaps someone knocked on her door and told her that Jesus was in the midst of the crowd —that He could heal her. The very thought of being well must have made her heart fill with hope and joy. Oh, to be well and strong again, to be able to worship in the temple, to visit with friends! But there were misgivings in Lydia's heart, too. From the vantage point of her home, she may have seen the nobleman, Jairus, earnestly in conversation with Jesus, for it was on that same day that this nobleman had come to Capernaum to ask Jesus to come to the bedside of his sick young daughter.

Her consuming thought was for the healing of her body. She was desperate about the matter. She did not approach the Lord with the idea that IF He healed her, it would be wonderful; and that IF He did not heal her, she would not be too much surprised or disappointed. Her need was far too great for that. She already knew that medically speaking, there was no help. She went to Jesus with her whole heart and mind as well as with her sick body. That is how to touch the Lord: with a whole heart and a mind single to His performing the need of the hour.

They fail to see that they are asking God to touch them with the high zenith of abso- lute purity, the power of perfect holiness. That is His virtue. We should realize, therefore, that this requires prayerful consideration; that sincere, earnest, honest heart cleansing should precede any request of the Lord to exercise this virtue for our benefit. Far better that we come to Him pleading His mercy, ''Lord, cleanse my heart with the precious blood of the Lamb. Make me pure and clean from all my sin.

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