The Mathematical Palette (with BCA iLrn(TM) Tutorial and by Ronald Staszkow, Robert Bradshaw

By Ronald Staszkow, Robert Bradshaw

THE MATHEMATICAL PALETTE makes arithmetic relaxing, suitable, comprehensible, and informative for college students. Visually attractive, the textual content good points complete colour images of excellent artwork to carry mathematical options to existence for the liberal arts pupil. The textual content emphasizes challenge fixing via discovery and purposes, encouraging scholars to develop into lively members and instilling a wealthy figuring out and appreciation for the great thing about arithmetic. in addition to its emphasis on writing and significant pondering abilities, the textual content provides the background of mathematicians with a variety of, daily functions to demonstrate the evolution and practicality of math and parallel the creativity of liberal arts majors. The 3rd variation of THE MATHEMATICAL PALETTE additionally encompasses a powerful suite of on-line path administration, trying out, and instructional assets for teachers and scholars. This contains BCA/iLrn checking out and instructional, vMentor stay on-line tutoring, and a e-book significant other website that includes on-line graphing calculator assets.

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A) Egyptian b) Roman c) Traditional Chinese The Hindu-Arabic System and Fractions s sa s ne s 8 9, 2 6 0, 5 4 7 109 108 107 106 105 104 103 102 101 100 In expanded form, 1,389,260,547 ϭ 1 ϫ 109 ϩ 3 ϫ 108 ϩ 8 ϫ 107 ϩ 9 ϫ 106 ϩ 2 ϫ 105 ϩ 6 ϫ 104 ϩ 0 ϫ 103 ϩ 5 ϫ 102 ϩ 4 ϫ 101 ϩ 7 ϫ 100 O Te n un 3 H Th ou sa dr ed s nd sa Te n th ou dr ed H un s io n M ill s nd ou th ns m 1, H Te n un ns dr ed ill io m ill i on s nd s The Hindu-Arabic system is the numeration system that is used in the United States and many other parts of the world.

111 110 101 1102 13. 1 to find the 8-bit binary code for each character. 14. The letter M 15. The letter e 16. The letter n 17. The percent sign (%) 18. The equals sign (ϭ) 19. The plus sign (+) In Problems 20–27, give each answer as a binary numeral and check your results using decimal numerals. 20. 1 0102 ϩ 1 1102 21. 110 0112 ϩ 10 1102 22. 10 011 1112 ϩ 111 0112 23. 111 000 1012 ϩ 101 011 0012 24. 1102 ϫ 1012 25. 10 1002 ϫ 1 1012 26. 101 1112 ϫ 1 0112 27. 111 000 1112 ϫ 1112 q Explore To transfer data, it can be stored and read in binary ASCII format.

This was probably done so that the approximate number of days in a year, 360 days, would be a basic part of the numeration system. 1 • Ancient Systems of Numeration 13 The Mayan system does have a zero, but because of the use of 18 in the third position, its place-value feature is irregular. EXAMPLE 13 Find the number represented by Solution: ϭ ϭ ϭ ϭ 4 0 7 12 ϫ ϫ ϫ ϫ 7200 ϭ 28,800 360 ϭ 0 20 ϭ 140 1 ϭ 12 This gives a total of 28,952. EXAMPLE 14 Write 17,525 in the Mayan numeration system. Solution: The place values less than 17,525 in the Mayan system are 7200, 360, 20, and 1.

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