The Mechanical and Physical Properties of the British by J. Woolman

By J. Woolman

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E. H. F Grain Size Chemical Composition (%) Process of Manufacture C Si Mn S P Ni Cr Mo Actual 0•35 0•39 0•42 0•37 0•31 0•38 0•24 0•25 0•30 0•25 0•38 0•32 0•53 0•60 0•60 0•54 0•58 0•64 0•012 0•020 0•040 0•035 0•022 0•044 0•004 0•007 0•030 0•034 0•021 0•041 3•33 3•50 3,29 3•41 3•25 3•45 0•24 0•28 0•20 0•22 0•32 0•16 0•03 0•07 0•14 0•05 0•04 0•05 7-8 7-9 7 6-1 7-8 6-7 McQuaid I 3-6 5-6 5-6 3-5 7-8 4 Ehn (2) (3-4) (4) (2) (6) 1 in. dia. bars. Normalized 875 C. End quenched 850~C. As Quenched (Ref.

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