The Problem of Two Truths in Buddhism and Vedanta by G.M.C. Sprung

By G.M.C. Sprung

It might be a cumbersome and complicated quantity certainly that taken care of thoroughly of the matter of 2 truths in Buddhism and Vedanta: the current quantity is narrow and unpretentious. no longer the fewer incisive, for that, it's was hoping, yet definitely neither systematic nor entire, and this in different senses. no longer all faculties of Buddhism are handled: Theravada, Indian Y ogacara, and the Logicians are lacking one of the Indian colleges and there's no refer­ ence to chinese language and eastern Buddhism. The Vedanta mentioned is just Advaita (non-dualist), and that almost restricted to Sankara. Nor does the amount as a complete take in the matter of 2 truths thematically, notwithstanding every one paper increases the philosophical questions its author.thinks acceptable. The identify 'The challenge of 2 Truths in Buddhism and Vedanta' promenade­ ises greater than the e-book itself comprises. the cause of this is often given within the prefatory 'Note': each one bankruptcy is a paper learn and mentioned at a operating convention. all of the papers from the convention are right here released, and no others. The ebook has therefore the contours dictated by way of the supply of students on the time of the convention.

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Pacities already in life - namely. ps. This "effecting the truth in life" is indicated by the loss of attachment to anything that would claim svabhiiva; and logical inference· and perception can be useful to effect such truth. PARAMARTHA IS NOT TAUGHT APART FROM VY A V AHARA If prati7:ysamutpllda is basic to both samvrti and paramllrtha then participation in samvrti (or vyavahlira) is part of what it means to know paramllrtha. That is to say, the use of samvrti is not just a necessary evil, it is a component part of realizing emptiness.

If and when the pum~a can cease to identify with the prakritic thoughts, feelings and body sensations of the individual person, it is said to be liberated. Then the metaphysical·dualism of prakrti and pum~a is seen to be merely one term of a far more radical dualism, that of bondage and freedom. Nothing parallels this in Descartes and yet throughout his primary thought he implies a dualism of attitude or existential stance. l This dualism does not lie within metaphysics but embraces metaphysics as one of its poles.

The individual illusorily thinks he is not free and wants to be free. To his consciousness, accordingly, there is the necessity of a siidhanii or discipline to attain freedom. bondage is an illusion and that he is eternally free. ,,33 Formerly Banaras Hindu University 24 T. R. V. MURTI NOTES The Central Philosophy of Buddhism, Geo. Allen and Unwin, 1955, pp. 321-2. MK. II, 2l. ekfbhaven~ va siddhir nanabhavena va yayoh na vidyate tayoj1 siddiJ1 katham nu khalu vidyate MK. XXI, 6. sahanyonyena va siddhir vinanyonyena va yayoh na vidyate tayo)l siddhij1 katham nu khalu vidy~te 3 MK.

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