The Prophetic Word of Hosea: A Morphological Study by Martin J. Buss

By Martin J. Buss

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3 follows the same pattern, except for the emphatic temporal phrase "many days" (v. 3. ±). In ch. 2 only one-fourth of the sentences deviate from the norm, a pattern relatively low for poetic style; there is no significant difference between verses accepted as genuine in the present study and those not so accepted, The complex of Hos 1-3 probably passed through a lengthy phase of oral tradition, in which the material of ch. 2 ,,yas welded together into a relatively smooth unit. In any case - however the fact is to be explained --- Hos 2 exhibits a more 46 Probably more significant than the accent as such for Hebrew poetry is what Slavic Formalists have designated the "interverbal pause," the division between worcls 89 .

II", Jkll'll;. J1Yl"oltur(· ,..... "illl! ,,,. :r' \hy~siniall GaiLl' 51 Beside poctry, the book of Hosea contains narrative material. tobiographical" narrativell:l. These two types dIffer overt~y 111 theIr usc of the third or first person, respectivelv, when refcrnng to the prophet ~ provided that the grammatical for;n is employed in an ordinary manner. The essential difference between the t\~·o types, however, is provided by their situation and function. That. a ~tory car: have i~s Sitz im Leben either in the circle of prophetic cl1sClples or 111 the bfe of the prophet himself.

A sermonic feature of Hos 1 appears in the fact that the story contains both accusation (v. 2) and threat, which are to some extent pointed toward each other. ~l It is far fnJtll certain. (';1 at ka~t ""j;trl,·t\" til l"'dorm lh,' a<'lions of ,h ·1. /}q~I,\\l1at i'h(jrn~ctly. ;7 SO, P, 129 130 ~" 131 ]. 1 'j M. Schorr. Urkunden des altbabylonischen Zivil- und Prozel3rechts, 1~J13. 4. points out the purchase form, which lacks a provision for a divorce. in the acquisition of a concubine in Babylonia; for purchase of a slave woman in Ug-arit.

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