The Seedling Stars by James Blish

By James Blish

The Seedling Stars (Pantropy)
Blish's most renowned brief tales are the "Pantropy" stories, accumulated within the ebook The Seedling Stars. In those tales, people are changed to dwell in a number of alien environments, this being more uncomplicated and enormously more affordable than terraforming. IMHO, the easiest and so much striking of that's the novella "Surface Tension", a real gem and a desirable story.

This name contains the next novellas:

Seeding software aka A Time to outlive? (1956)
the article within the Attic (1954)
floor rigidity (1957)
Watershed (1955)

This epub is my first attempt on epub production, spell-checked and formatted from the orginal paperback, reviews and corrections are welcome.

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The primary purpose was nonsense. The colonists were fertile, and hence did not need recruits; and besides, it was impossible to convert a normal adult human being into an Adapted Man — pantropy had to begin before conception, as it had been begun with Sweeney. Calamitously, the reverse also appeared to be true. Sweeney had been unable to find anybody in the colony who believed it possible to convert an Adapted Man back into a human being. The promise the Port cops had held out to him — though they had never made it directly — thus far appeared to be founded upon nothing better than dust.

Let's go for a walk, Don. " She was already striding back toward the looming mountain under which the colony lived. Sweeney watched her go, his icy blood sighing in his ears. It was terrible to be unable to think; he had never known the dizziness of it until he had met Mike Leverault, but now it seemed determined never to leave him — it abated sometimes, but it never quite went away. He had been ruefully glad, at the very beginning, that the close "blood" tie between himself and Mike, a genetic tie which was quite real since he was in fact Shirley Leverault's Adapted son, would prevent his becoming interested in the girl in accordance with Earth custom.

Most of them thought that nothing was held against them but their difference from normal human beings; the exceptional few thought that the development of pantropy itself was the essential crime. Of that, clearly, Rullman was guilty, if 'guilty' was the applicable word. Why pantropy, or the responsibility for developing it, should be considered criminal was a mystery to Sweeney, but there was a great deal else that he didn't know about Earth laws and standards, so he wasted no more time in puzzling over it.

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