The Sky-Liners and Galloway: Sackett Series (2-Book Bundle) by Louis L'Amour

By Louis L'Amour

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Once we’d had a drink we started back across the street to settle our debt at the store that had given Pa credit when times were bad. We were fairly out in the middle of the street when hoofs began to pound and a passel of folks a-horse-back came charging up, all armed and loaded for feudin’ or bear-fightin’. Folks went high-tailing it for shelter when they saw those riders coming, but we were right out in the middle of the street and of no mind to run. ” Well, I just naturally reached up and grabbed a hold on that quirt, and most things I lay a hand to will move.

Hawkes looked at her, kind of surprised. ” “The little lady doesn’t think Black is all that mean,” Galloway said. ” “The way we figure it,” Galloway went on, “what happened to you is mostly our fault. You see, the Fetchens came west hunting us. Black wants the little lady here, and he wants her horses, some of the finest breeding stock you ever did see. ” said Hawkes. “I know it well. ” “Well, we had a run-in with those boys, sort of calmed ’em down when they were about to show their muscle. ” Leaving Hawkes with his riders, the three of us went downstairs to the dining room.

A thin tendril of smoke lifted from the banked fire, and I saw that Judith was gone. I came off the ground, stamped into my boots, and grabbed my pistol belt. It took me a minute to throw on a saddle and cinch up, then I lit out of there as if the devil was after me. The tracks were plain to see. There was no need to even tell Galloway, because when he awakened he could read the sign as easy as some folks would read a book. She had led her horse a good hundred yards away from camp, and then she had mounted up, held her pace down for a little bit further, and then started to canter.

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