The sword of Aradel by Alexander Key

By Alexander Key

A medieval boy and woman shipping themselves a thousand years via time into smooth big apple urban to discover a magic sword.

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Walk them carefully, or you will slip into the water as I did one night. When you have crossed and reached the field, keep your head down and follow the embankment till you come to the trees. Have no fear of being seen. ” Brother Benedict paused a moment, listening. Brian knew that a thorough search was being made for him on the other side of the wall, but he could make out no sounds of it here. Carefully the monk drew something from a fold of his robe. It was the sword Albericus had brought to Rupert.

Brian exclaimed. “The true sword—surely, if the king had it—” “Gratian wasn’t there. He was ill, and Benedict—whom you’d know as Brother Benedict at the abbey—had taken him down to the sea at Celadon for his health. ” “Nysa had divined that I’d die if I stayed at Rondelaine,” Merra said quickly. “So I did,” Nysa murmured. “I wish I could have done as much for the others, but all I could see was a great black cloud hanging over Aradel. I sent a warning to Gratian, but no one knew quite what to make of it.

Brian experienced a frightening minute as he waded the moat on the submerged planks. He was exposed to anyone who might have gone to the top of the wall to search, and with every step he almost expected to hear the snap of a bowstring and the quick hiss of an arrow. Yet he dared not hurry, for the planks were so slippery he could only slide along a foot or two at a time while he carried the sword carefully over his shoulder. Then at last he was across, with the thick growth of willows on the embankment hiding him from any chance observer.

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