The Wonders of Physics by L. G. Aslamazov, Andrei A. Varlamov, A. A. Abrikosov

By L. G. Aslamazov, Andrei A. Varlamov, A. A. Abrikosov

This publication develops the simplest traditions of this sort of medical literature. Written via operating theoretical physicists who're while devoted popularizers of medical wisdom, the publication is apparent and attractive common. It brings to the reader the newest achievements of quantum solid-state physics; yet at the manner it indicates how the legislation of physics exhibit themselves even in trivial (at first sight) episodes and average phenomena round us. and what's most vital, it portrays the area in the course of the eyes of scientists, "proving the concord by means of algebra"

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4 23 Applications? Is it possible to send a sound signal along an oceanic acoustic waveguide and receive it at the point of origin, after it has completely circled the globe? The answer is a flat no. First and foremost, the continents present insurmountable obstacles, as well as great contrasts in depths of the World oceans. So it's impossible to choose a direction along which there would be a continuous round-the-world waveguide. But that isn't the only reason. A sound wave propagating along an oceanic acoustic waveguide differs from sound waves in the "telephone" tubes on ships that we mentioned at the outset.

Imagine a cannon set at the North pole and pointed along a meridian (the pole is chosen for simplicity). Let the target lie on the same meridian. Is it possible that the projectile hits the target? From the point of view of external observer which uses the inertial frame bound to the Sun the answer is obvious: the trajectory of the projectile lies in the initial meridional plane whereas the aim revolves with the Earth. Thus the projectile will never get the target (unless a whole number of days will elapse).

Most probably he was on a ship since there is no surf in the foreground, a A. A. Rylov, (1870-1939), Russian Soviet painter of epic romantic manner. 25 26 In the blue the distribution of waves is symmetrical and not deformed by the neighboring shore. Let us try to estimate the velocity of the wind filling the sails of the ship floating at a distance. We are not the first interested by the question of evaluation of the speed of wind on the basis of the height of waves and other natural evidence.

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