Transcending Time: An Explanation of the Kalachakra by Gen Lamrimpa

By Gen Lamrimpa

Encouraged by way of years of scholarly education and many years of solitary retreat, Tibetan monk Gen Lamrimpa bargains a concise evaluation of all levels of the Kalachakra perform: the preliminaries, the initiation, and at last, the phases of iteration and of entirety. With amazing readability, he makes the Six-Session Guruyoga perform available to all practitioners, and deepens the reader's knowing and appreciation of this chic educating of the Buddha. Alan Wallace's creation illuminates either Kalachakra's wealthy background and Gen Lamrimpa's distinctive contribution to our realizing.

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When you feel affection for someone, that person appears lovable. If sentient beiQgs do not appear lovable, the thought of wishing for their well-being and freedom from suffering will not arise. We can see this in the case of animals. Father and mother animals have a fondness for their own young, see their offspring as being lovable, and take care of them. When it comes to Beginning the Practice 43 other animal offspring, however, this loving aspect is missing, especially among carnivores, who only have the thought of killing and eating others.

Snying rje), wisdom (Skt. prajfiii, Tib. shes rab), and superior resolve (Tib. hag bsam). that of a bodhisattva of sharp faculties. Ktilacakra Root Tantra (Skt. Miilatantra, Tib. rtsa rgyud) states that each of us abides in the beginningless cycle of existence. The text also explains the difficulty of obtaining a human rebirth and, within the human realm, the rarity of possessing a Dharma motivation. Even among people who feel an aspiration toward Dharma, it is unbelievably exceptional to be drawn toward the Vajrayana.

Moreover, the thought "Might sentient beings meet with happiness and be free from suffering" would not arise had one not already reflected upon the manner in which beings are bereft of happiness and satisfaction. Therefore, loving kindness, compassion, and the superior resolve are the means for bringing about the well-being of others. Also, it is said that if you have not reflected upon the manner in which you yourself are devoid of genuine happiness, subject to the cycle of rebirth, and under the domination of mental afflictions, then this reflection on others will not be very effective.

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