TRIZ POWER TOOLS Job # 5 Resolving Problems How to by Larry Ball (Primary Author)--Collaborative Authors

By Larry Ball (Primary Author)--Collaborative Authors

Resolving difficulties is the most typical task of inventors, engineers and researchers. This booklet offers a straight-forward set of rules for fixing hugely restricted, complicated and tangled difficulties. a mode of causal research is gifted which illuminates the various factors and contradictions that reason the matter to be demanding. equipment are then given to simplify the services or products whereas resolving the contradictions that we have got pointed out. those tools paintings quite good with staff challenge fixing. studying and employing those abilities will provide a superb origin for all of the different jobs that innovators do.

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This is not the typical contradiction discussed in classical TRIZ literature. The pile diameter causes a problem. Problems of changing the diameter are not even considered. The change of diameter is simply not allowed. Type 6: Highly Variable Knobs. This knob cannot be turned because it is so highly variable that you never know what setting it will be at. In this case we never know Ground from day to day, or in some instances from pile to pile what the Hardness ground hardness will be. Most people are reluctant to consider changing this knob or forming a contradiction.

This is the element that the system modifies or serves. Blade The Super-System elements are the table and the tape. These elements Table interact with the system, Base but are not part of the system. The tape is the system “product”, which is a type of super-system element. Tape Person Spindle System Product Step 3: Introduce Modification Links. Include useful, flawed and harmful links. Verify that all rules for forming functions have been followed. g. the table supports the base, the spindle supports the tape and the person cuts the tape, though inconsistently.

This is what many people feel like when they perform a causal analysis and discover the many knobs that would solve the problem if they could only be turned. Let’s consider a technical problem that illustrates what a contradiction is. If we would like to increase the carrying capacity of a vehicle, it is almost certain that we will need to increase its volume. Increasing the volume often increases the aerodynamic drag, thus expending more energy. This increased expenditure of energy costs more and requires more fuel and consequently more exhaust and pollution of the environment.

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