Wicked Women of Tudor England: Queens, Aristocrats, by R. Warnicke

By R. Warnicke

This attention-grabbing learn delves into the lives of six Tudor ladies celebrated for his or her reputed wickedness. gathered listed below are debts of Anne Boleyn, Katherine Howard, Anne Seymour, Lettice Dudley, and Jane and Alice extra. Warnicke rescues those ladies from old misrepresentations and is helping us to rediscover the complicated international of Tudor society.

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The obvious answer would seem to be the ten specific illicit acts were dated during that period because Henry wanted to make it impossible to suggest that he had sired the fetus delivered in January 1536. Perhaps, then, the childbirth was irregular. Another question is what could possibly have been more devastating to a man’s reputation than admitting publicly that he had been cuckolded twice by five men in less than two and one-half years? ”88 34 Wicked Women of Tudor England Men were expected to defend themselves against charges of sodomy, cuckoldry, and cowardice, but were warned not to publicize the details of this besmirchment of their honor.

Indeed, in some cases, it can be proved that Anne was not at the places and the times that the indictments cited for the affairs. In October 1533, for example, she was recovering from childbirth at Greenwich and could not have been with Henry Norris at Westminster. Queen Anne Boleyn 35 One aspect of the charges against Anne is strikingly unusual; it is odd that the crown accused no female abettor. Great ladies, especially queens consort, were never alone. At least one lady, and usually several, were in constant attendance.

Anne was likely the girls’ attendant. After moving to France when Mary Tudor wed Louis XII, she must have entered the nursery of Renée, that king’s daughter, born in 1510. An extract from a no-longer-extent manuscript supports the conclusion that Anne was not in Mary Tudor’s French household. 73 It is relevant to her birth year and whether she resided in royal nurseries that ambitious parents provided their children with primary education at relatively early years. At four years they began to differentiate the vowels from consonants and to read some primary literature.

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