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Check that the probe isn’t shorted and make sure it is properly grounded. f. Check that the oscilloscope is set to trigger on the input channel you are using. g. All of the above. com 55 XYZs of Oscilloscopes Primer Glossary Acquisition Mode – Modes that control how waveform points are Coupling – The method of connecting two circuits together. Circuits con- produced from sample points. Some types include sample, peak detect, nected with a wire are directly coupled (DC); circuits connected through a hi res, envelope, and average.

Circuit being tested. c. In normal mode the oscilloscope only sweeps once and then stops. d. All the above. 10. The acquisition mode that best reduces noise in a repeating signal is: a. Sample mode. b. Peak detect mode. c. Envelope mode. d. Averaging mode. XYZs of Oscilloscopes Primer 11. The two most basic measurements you can make with an oscilloscope are: Answer Key This section provides the answers to all written exercises a. Time and frequency measurements. in the previous sections. b. Time and voltage measurements.

Besides AC and DC coupling, your oscilloscope may also have high In normal mode the oscilloscope only sweeps if the input signal reaches frequency rejection, low frequency rejection, and noise rejection trigger the set trigger point; otherwise (on an analog oscilloscope) the screen is coupling. These special settings are useful for eliminating noise from blank or (on a digital oscilloscope) frozen on the last acquired waveform. the trigger signal to prevent false triggering. Normal mode can be disorienting since you may not see the signal at first if the level control is not adjusted correctly.

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