Your genes, your choices: Exploring the issues raised by by Catherine Baker

By Catherine Baker

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57 The drug they are considering is an artificially produced hormone. Hormones are proteins produced by organs of the body that trigger activity in other locations. Cows produce a natural hormone called bovine growth hormone, or BGH, that causes them to make milk. Researchers have found the gene in cows that triggers the release of BGH. They have figured out how to clone the gene in order to produce BGH artificially. ” Some cells are removed from a cow, and the gene for BGH is cut out of their genome.

Lu has to consider is that the treatment is not quick and easy. For it to work, the boys will have to receive a great many shots over several years. The treatment appears to have side effects. For example, it may cause bad cases of acne that leave scars. Also, the treatment doesn’t guarantee how much the boys will grow. Studies suggest that the treatment works better for children like Tim, who has a single mutated gene responsible for his stunted growth, compared to children like Rico, who has many genes contributing to his short build.

S. law enforcement DNA data banks are growing. Many states require convicted felons and sex offenders to give blood or saliva samples for DNA typing as a condition for parole. The idea is for police to be able to use these data banks to catch repeat offenders. The FBI also is building a DNA data bank of criminals. It is possible that DNA samples may someday be taken from people who are convicted of misdemeanors. This means that even if you get stopped for speeding, your DNA could end up in police files.

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